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This Town Is Doomed

Mar 6, 2020

COOL TV ~ Volume 2 

TV theme song custom edits, remixes etc

album art & track info:

Dec 13, 2019

Legacy – “Don’t Waste The Night”
Endgames – “Ecstasy”
Onyeka – “African Woman”
John Maus - "Touchdown"
Kano – “Can’t Hold Back”
Valerie Mairesse – “Bombe Anatomique”
Krystal Davis – “So Smooth”
Claudette Polite – “I’ll Come When You Call”
Isabel Roberts – “Love...

May 1, 2019


good and cool tv songs.  tracklist forthcoming


Oct 26, 2018

new mix of Caroline Grimm "Parce Que C'est Vous" ('87),, which takes an inexplicable turn as I entertain myself with ragga samples