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This Town Is Doomed

Aug 25, 2017

Records played, roughly in this order:

Pebbles – “Do It (Dub)”
Moblin – “Kool”
M’Tume – “So You Wanna Be A Star” (+ my glockenspiel)
Metro Area – “Soft Hoop”
Leroy – “Like A Disease”
Midnight Star – “Midas Touch (Groove Motion Re-Edit)”
Kelis – “Bossy (Alan Braxe Remix)”
Leroy – “Like A Disease” (again)
Frank Zappa – “Oh No”
Frank Zappa – “Orange Country Truckers”
Sensations Fix – “Fragments of Light (Alternate Version)”
Splack Pack – “Shake That Ass (Remix)”
Delroy Edwards – “Slap A Hoe (Squeeky)”
Future – “Paparazzi Dab”
Bo Hansson – “The Black Riders”
DJ Papyal – “Whisper Zone”
Caroline Grimm – “Parce Que C’est Vous (Moblin Remix)”